Special Things At Hanoi Walking Streets That Make Visitors Love At The First Sight

Since old time, the streets around Hoan Kiem Lake have been must-visit places for visitors when they first arrived at Hanoi. However, since Sword lake walking streets were introduced to the public, the number of visitors coming here has risen significantly at weekends. From Hanoi inhabitants to tourists from far away, from elder to children, all of them like the exciting atmosphere of the walking streets. Their attitude toward these walking streets from the beginning until now has changed from just responding and trying something new to considering them a trait of Hanoi culture.

Walking Streets - the most spacious places in Hanoi

On the very first operating days, when these walking streets were introduced to the public, many people did not believe that there were 16 streets around Sword Lake. This phenomenon created lots of disadvantages and difficulties in people's thinking. No one could imagine that one day, these spaces turned into very crowded places.

Hanoi is always noisy, animated, crowded and full of polluted air. As a result, its inhabitants always seek for places where they can entertain, relax, walk or simply gossip with the peaceful and fresh atmosphere. Ideal places may be along the streets, on beautifully sapphire blue lakeside or under the shade of big trees, and then these walking streets established and met their demands. Furthermore, the capital's inhabitants get chances to enjoy peaceful at weekends in the city and breathe in the fresh air as well.

Street art and live music at walking streets

On the very first days when these walking opened for public, the Hanoi inhabitants worried about the inconvenience and difficulties which 16 walking streets placed around Sword Lake may cause. However, all things changed unexpectedly; this area became the most visited places in a short time.

One of the most attractive traits of Sword Lake is unique live performances of street bands. You can join the crowd and feel the melody of saxophones, violins, flutes or energetic melody. Moreover, visitors can enjoy the performance of Vietnamese traditional music like Ca Tru, Cheo, Hat Xam, etc. This is a perfect way for foreigners to discover and experience Vietnam's culture. Trust us, even an unknown artist performing on this street can make you balk, let yourself fly with their beautiful and emotional sounds.

Everybody who comes to Hanoi walking streets has their own feelings. However, one thing you can be sure that many of them desire to experience. Maybe at first, they just want to try the feeling walking here, but afterward, they fall in love with these streets and do not know when. If you travel to Hanoi, remember to join the crowded streets whose appearance is insipid but contain is fantastic and impressive.

Once visit, you will definitely love the walking streets around the Hoan Kiem Lake. If you need to find a place for relaxing, come to Hanoi walking streets. If you want to visit a place where you can experience Vietnamese culture, you can also find the way to here.

More practical info

  • Address: consists of 16 route surrounding Hoan Kiem Lake
  • Opening hours: from Friday 6 PM to Sunday 12 PM
  • Fee: Free entry